Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Counting Down the Days

Yes, it's official. I'm counting down the days until I travel back to Vietnam.  Our United Methodist Mission Team flies out of Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday morning March 29th. We fly from Columbus to Dallas-Ft. Worth... Then from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Tokyo, Japan... then from Tokyo to Hanoi, Vietnam.  Travel time from Columbus to Hanoi will be about 30 hours!

This trip will be somewhat different from previous trips.  We will be spending all our time in the north, visiting new United Methodist churches between Hanoi and the Chinese border.

Keep the team in your prayers.  Keep their home churches in your prayers.  Especially, keep the Vietnamese pastors, the new churches, and the Vietnamese congregations in your prayers.  Pray that we will touch lives, that others will see Jesus Christ reflected in our words, actions, and deeds.  Pray that the love and light of Christ will light our path.

I will be doing my best to reports via this blog as to our daily itinerary along with pictures along the way.  Watch for daily updated beginning March 30th...

In His Service.... Pastor Gary Ginter & the 2016 Vietnam Mission Team