Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twas two weeks til Christmas...

Twas two weeks til Christmas,
and boy what a mess;
I'm nowhere near ready,
and I'm feeling the stress.

The attic is empty,
the decorations are down;
But they remain in their boxes
while my wife wears a frown.

The tree is still packed
in its un-opened box;
Lights, tinsel, ornaments
are stacked up like blocks.

"I don't have the time,
I'm too tired," I say
"Decorating will wait
I've no time for today."

Meanwhile I thread
my way through my house;
Quietly, carefully,
quick as a mouse.

Around all the boxes
unwrapped gifts galore;
But not bought in malls
nor found in a store.

No traffic, no crowds
no human interactions;
A point and a click
completed all my transactions.

My gifts came to me
from all over the globe;
While I shoped in comfort
in PJ's and robe.

On Postman, on Parcel Post,
On DHL and FedEx...
Deliver my packages
and save me the backaches.

Bring me toys and games
and techno what-is-its
Bring all on my wishlist,
each item and tidbits.

Without leaving my house
you can hear me exclaim;
"I've maxed all my credit!
Amazon now knows my name!"

So me in my Lazy-Boy
and ma with her knitting,
Had a long, deep discussion
and now we're admitting...

Our house is a mess,
we're not ready yet;
For decorations and purchases
that we'd like to forget.

Do you think that just maybe
this Christmas that we
might forget all about
lights and tinsel and trees?

Instead of a toy
or a scarf or a glove,
Do you think, that just maybe,
this year we might give Love?

Christmas all started
when God came to earth,
Immanuel, God with us,
now we celebrate His birth.

Christmas day is fast approaching
and I've still lots to do;
But I send you my love,
Merry Christmas to you!!