Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just let go...

A couple months ago, someone from church approached me with a problem, and wanted some guidance. After I had listened for some time to what was essentially a dispute between ex-spouses, my advise was for them to pray and then let God handle the problem. Sounds easy...right?

Several weeks later, this same person came to me and wanted to thank me for my "advice". It seemed that the ex-spouse had neatly backed himself into a corner, and that everything had worked out in favor of the church member. A modern day miracle??

I think most of us will agree that advice is much easier to give, than to accept. We are often quick to "put in our 2-cents worth" in order to help another resolve their problems. But when the shoe is on our own foot, we tend to hesitate, and our desire is to handle our problems on our own. More often than not, when we try to "fix" things ourselves, we end up making a small problem much bigger.

In my last blog, I shared with you how I had made some mistakes at work in regard to the payroll of a couple employees. My first reaction, of course, was "I'll fix it!" As I spent a few nights in turmoil as to my blunder and the consequences, the one thought that kept me awake was this..."Just let go..." For me, the meaning was clear...for once, take some of your own advice, and let God handle your problem.

Well, as you can imagine, again, easier said than done. But today, several weeks later, I can honestly say that I was harder on myself than others were. I feel privileged to work with such compassionate and understanding people. Further, the employees that were affected by my mistakes were gracious in their understanding. The problems have been worked out and I am still alive to tell the tale.

Moral of the story?? "Let it go"...allow God access to your worries, your problems, your mistakes. Oh, you'll still need to face up to your mistakes...we all do. But God will be there every step of the encourage, to lift up, to provide support. And I'll even venture to say that your true friends will be there for you as well. Believe me when I say, I was surprised by all that has happened...and I shouldn't have been. Trust in'll never go wrong. :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Err is human...

Ever made a mistake? Error in judgement? Forgot or missed something really important? I was recently reminded just how "human" we really are. Part of my job is doing the company payroll. And I learned a long time ago that you just don't screw up someone's payroll. May seem like a small problem to you, but may mean the difference between paying or not paying a bill to someone else. Well, long story short, I made a mistake on not one, but several people's payroll, and now am paying for my mistakes. I don't mind telling you that it is a humiliating and humbling experience to try and explain to someone how and why YOU made a mistake that impacts THEIR lives.

Needless to say I've been depressed for the past few days as I learn to correct my mistakes and cope with the feelings of guilt. The experience reminded me of one of my favorite Bible characters, David. David was an amazing man in my a boy he was a shepherd, willing to put his life on the line to protect his sheep. As a teenager, he stood up to a giant when older, better trained and better equipped men refused. He became a great warrior and leader, and eventually became king. Yet, he too was human and was prone to mistakes and errors in judgement.

As king, David could have had anything his heart desired...unfortunately, his desire fell upon another man's wife, Bathsheeba. David's lust led to the murder of Uriah, Bathsheeba's husband, and to the death of his own child from his union with Bathsheeba. You may think that your mistakes only involve you, but all too often many others will feel the effects of our mistakes. David needed to be reminded that he was all too human, and that there are consequences for our actions. Yet, through it all, God reminded David that he was a man after God's own heart...willing to acknowledge his mistakes...willing to ask forgiveness...willing to trust in God to see him through his short-comings.

So where does this leave us? Still human...still prone to errors...still able to make mistakes that effect not only ourselves, but others. But above all, it leaves us at the mercy of God and his amazing grace. His unconditional love says that he loves us, not because of what we can do for him, not because we are prone to mistakes and errors, but simply because we are. He loves us in spite of all our human frailties, and offers us a second chance, time and time again.

Ever made a mistake? It would be in-human not to. But there is hope for us accident prone beings. We are all human, and we will all make mistakes and errors in judgement. Isn't it comforting to know that God will continue to love us, mistakes and all?! :-)